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AUTOCROSS - NEXT EVENT -  to be confirmed
Driver Car Class


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1. Awards apply for Classes included in the Event Regulations for Round 1.

2. Automatic Registration applies for Competitors competing on Round 1 or 2 only.

3. Competitors who do not compete in Round 1 or 2 will not be eligible to register for the championship & will not score championship points on any round.

4. Competitors will only be eligible to score points in the Class entered on their first or second counting round.

5. To be eligible for an award a competitor must have started a minimum of 3 rounds - the best 3 scores will apply for Competitors who compete in all 4 rounds.

6. Competitors who are unable to satisfy Championship criteria per rules 4 & 5 above, will not qualify for championship points in round 4 e.g. Where a competitor only competes in rounds 1 and 4 or rounds 2 and 4.

7. Points Scoring - for each Class (where there’s a minimum of 5 starters)

  • 1st in Class 10 points
  •  2nd 8 points 
  •  3rd 7 points 
  •  4th 6 points 
  •  5th 5 points 
  •  6th 4 points 
  •  7th 3 points 
  •  8th 2 points

In any class where there’s less than 5 starters, the maximum points awarded will be 8 points ie. 1st in class = 8 points, 2nd = 7 points etc.

Each finisher not allocated a score – 1 point

Each Competitor starting all 4 rounds will receive Bonus Points – 2 points will be added to his/her total.

8. Tie Breaks will be decided in favour of the Competitor with the greatest number of maximum scores & if this fails to resolve the tie, the greatest number of 2nd place scores, 3rd place scores etc. (in counting rounds only) until the tie is resolved. If a tie still remains the winner will be the competitor with the highest overall position on the final counting round.

9. In the event of any of the 4 events being cancelled, all requirements will be reduced by one.

10. The Priority for Championship awards will be as follows: Overall,Class,Junior,Ladies. The Ladies & Junior awards will be based on the competitors overall finishing position in the championship. The first three competitors in each class will receive awards. First Overall does not qualify for a class award.

11. The decision of the Organisers is final.

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