Autocross has returned to the popular Lagan venue in April 2018 - the course has also been extended - more dates are being considered subject to overall MI calendar & approval.

The club uses a txt. entry option for their Autocross events. The event has a dedicated entries mobile no. 089 – 212 9845 (see more details on this option below)

The Event entry fee* (includes PA levy) & IRDS is not required. Mechanical Scrutiny starts at 8.30am & finishes at 10.30 am sharp.

*subject to confirmation


There are awards for 1st Overall, Junior & Ladies and 1st, 2nd & 3rd in Class (up to 10 classes available covering rallycross cars, modified rally cars with front & rear wheel drive options, 4 wheel drive cars and Fiat Cinquentos).

Each event consists of 3 Timed Runs (4 timed runs if time permits) over 3 Laps of the Track – the best 2 timed runs (plus penalties, if applicable) are used for the results.

Timing system used is a beam-timing system from standing start to flying finish.

There are generally 4 events in the year & the Club runs a Championship where Competitors score points from their best 3 events - Championship options are under review.

The event gives Competitors a high standard of organisation with on-site servicing facilities, good value for money and caters for Juniors. Its also a good event for Competitors looking to start in Motorsport.

Text Option for Autocross Entries - More Details

Competitors who have competed on any previous events get a text message about the next event and can reserve an entry by text message.

New Competitors (competitors who have not entered an event previously) can also avail of the text message entry option by sending a text message to 089 212 9845 with the following details:

  • Name
  • Competition Licence Number
  • Car
  • Class

Competitors aged under 18 may use the text message option but will have to bring a completed entry form on the day which has been countersigned by his/her Parent or Guardian (or else ensure that the Parent/Guardian attends at documentation scrutiny).

Competitors who opt for the text message option will not need to submit an entry form (or entry fee) in the post as the Club will have a pre-printed entry form available at documentation scrutiny and the entry fee can be paid on the day.

Competitors will be contacted by text message with updates etc. using this dedicated mobile number.

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